Photo Restoration and Retouching

  Being long time photographers and Photoshop experts, we have a lot of experience restoring old and tattered photos and pictures as well as touching up images to make them (you) look amazing. Steve is well received by those who he's taken years off of.

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  1. For photo restoration and picture restoration service, we scan your image and return your original as we received it. You get the original scanned image and the retouched image sent to you via email. We can also make prints for an additional cost if you desire.

    Photo Restoration Services

    1. Class 1 Restoration $25
      General cleanup including dust removal, light water marks and minor tears.

    2. Class 2 Restoration $50

    3. In addition to a Class 1 restoration, major tears and deep water marks are mended.

    4. Class 3 Restoration $75

    5. In addition to a Class 2 restoration, missing parts are restored. (this often requires supplementary photos that we can copy information from to fill in missing parts.)

    6. Examples

  1. Photo Retouching Services

    1. Blemish Removal $25
      General cleanup including acne and scar removal.

    2. "Sexy You" service $50
      In addition to blemish removal services, smooth skin, lips and eyelids. Enhance your eyes, general facelift.

    3. Examples

Note: If you opt for electronic file transfer, we will waive the $15 S&H fees.


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