Photography and Photoshop Lessons

   Being long time photographers we are adept at creating good photos and using Photoshop for post production work. 

Did you know the reason why Ansel Adams' work was so popular? Because it was different. Because he took his, otherwise traditional shot, and manipulated it in the dark room. Ansel Adams was as much a chemist as a photographer.

One thing is for sure, you have to have a good shot in the first place to make something fantastic.

  1. We are very serious about teaching others what we know and want to make sure each student leaves with something real they can use. We limit each "Class" to one to three people to ensure maximum value to our students. 

    Photography Lessons

    1. Class 101 Intro to Camera 1 hr class $50*
      How your camera works and how each setting affects your image. 15 minutes of classroom with 45 minutes of hands-on lab experimentation.

    2. Class 102 Lighting $50*

    3. Prerequisite Class 101
      Learn the limitation and tricks you can do with light and equipment to make your images look professional.

    4. Class 103 Composition $50*

    5. Prerequisite Class 101
      Learn how to identify a subject and frame and focus them in the most pleasing way.

  1. Photoshop Lessons

    1. Class 101 Intro to Photoshop 1 hr class $50/hr
      User interface familiarization and basic image enhancement.

    2. Class 102 Layers and masking 1 hr class $50/hr
      Learn how layers and masking are used to manipulate and enhance images.

Note: *This is a flat fee that can be split with one or two other students.


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