We capture your special moment and capture your newborn before life rushes on.

Pregnancy and Baby photography.  Shooting a woman at what may be her most vulnerable takes skill, patience and a whole lot of understanding.

We can shoot in any style that is comfortable for our client. We always make you look your best. We mix and use shooting styles depending on what the situation dictates.


What to expect and what to keep in mind about pregnancy and baby photography.

1. Think about what type of photos you want. Pregnancy photos can range from bearing all to modest covering.  The best choice for you depends on you and what you like.

2. Scan the web for ideas. Collect images you like in your favorites and forward them to your photographer so they can prepare for your session. 

3. Put your best "foot" forward!  Get your hair and nails done. Get waxed.

4. Don't worry about blemishes, birth marks, wrinkles and other things you might obsess about. We'll take care of removing these if you wish. We will make sure you have great skin.

5. Bring moral support or share your experience with a friend who might also want to have a session. Couples and siblings are always encouraged.


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 Pregnancy - Baby

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