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We love shooting weddings, and we're good at it!

Our clients voted us "Best Of" Wedding photographers in "The Knot" magazine for 2008 and 2009.

As you can see by our images, we have shot hundreds of weddings in many different places and for a variety of customs and religions. Diversity is something we value and thoroughly enjoy experiencing.

Weddings are one time where you can find an environment where people look their best and expect to be in front of cameras.  Let us make the best of that with lasting memories!

Shooting a wedding, and doing a great job, is probably one of the hardest shooting situations you can imagine. Your photographer has to be proficient in all of the following disciplines and ready to switch between them at a moments notice.

  • Low light shooting

  • Available light shooting

  • Mixed light shooting

  • On/Off camera flash
    Properly Equipped
    Tested Backup Plan

Action shooter
Scene Composer
Posing Specialist
Situational Aware


We mix and use shooting styles depending on what the situation dictates.

Our pricing is very competitive and the results are amongst the best in the industry.


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